About Mandy


Mandy Agnew PhD is an experienced teacher, healer and therapist who has the gift of inspiring and supporting effective change in others. With over 20 years of deep passion for the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom to effect personal development and healing, Mandy supports her clients in achieving optimum health, wellness and a vitality for life, by empowering them to heal themselves.

Mandy uses the modern day framework of the Forensic Healing System to find the underlying causes to the physical & emotional suffering that you may be experiencing.  She then combines the ancient wisdoms of healing and modern sciences to release the imbalances from your system, which may be stored physically, emotionally, energetically or spiritually.

Mandy Photo 2 April 2016Mandy has created the Core Wisdom Programs.  These are powerful programs designed for you to heal yourself, and create a healthy, vital, emotionally balanced and purposeful life.

Mandy works at the Ashburton Health Hub, Melbourne, Victoria.  Monday – Saturday, from 9.30am.  Evening apts. available.

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