What will you take with you, Wounds or Wisdom?

admin/ December 17, 2018

For many of us, 2018 has been a tough year.  It seems that there has been a continuous stream of challenges, some small, some big.  I found myself saying a few weeks ago when yet another family member had an accident ….“Ok, this is getting silly now, enough already!” and, “I have never, in all my life, reached the end

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Can Trust Be Found once it is lost?

admin/ November 11, 2018

Trust is a huge part of our lives whether we know it or not.  From the most basic view point we trust life every time we release our breath, we trust that there will be more air to breathe in.   When you think deeply into it, trust is quite complicated and so often it is tied up in what we

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Exploring Defeat

admin/ May 3, 2018

Earlier this month, life gave me the opportunity to explore defeat. Have you been in that place before?  I’m sure everyone has, and quite possibly a number of times. Clients often ask me how I work through tough times and so when I do have them, I pay close attention to my process, so I can use it to help

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Do Boundaries Dam-up your Life or Create more Ease in your Flow?

admin/ November 28, 2017

There is a flow to life that, when we surrender to it, can take us in its current, filling our life with ease and grace. Can you image how creating boundaries can help you be in your flow?  You could easily be forgiven if the first image that comes to mind is that a boundary might in fact, reduce flow,

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Why Do Anything?

admin/ October 31, 2017

It’s a question I have pondered many times in my life, in many different ways, and received answers from many different perspectives. We can look at our behaviours and feelings as a way of exploring this. From one viewpoint we can see that social conditioning, society and family expectations profoundly influence what we do. If we look a little deeper

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Flow in Death

admin/ October 31, 2017

In recent times I have been surrounded by death. Death’s of family friends, friends of friend, and connections through my work. Each of these moments has offered me an opportunity to pause and reflect upon life. For many these are opportunities to make choices to change, appreciate our existence more deeply, perhaps commit to a new way of being in

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How does your Inner Saboteur help you to get into life’s flow?

admin/ August 24, 2017

You know her, that part of you that seems to help you do anything BUT the thing you need to do!  She suggests you do the laundry before starting the article writing. She’s the one that says, you’ve eaten one biscuit, a second one won’t hurt now.  We all know her well, don’t we?  From this perspective I’m sure you’re

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Finding Flow in the Chemical Soup

admin/ July 19, 2017

As I lie in my twisted yoga pose surrendering to the floor, surrendering to gravity and surrendering to deep relaxation, I can almost hear my body’s sigh of relief. It has been a very busy week, which included times of stress with adrenaline and cortisol pumping through my veins. These are the hormones our body releases to help us get

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3 Ways To Find Inner Peace By RADICALLY Accepting Your Life

admin/ June 16, 2017

It’s hard, but SO worth it. The main idea of radical acceptance is the ability to accept life “as it is”. The situations you face, the relationships you experience — all of it, just accept them. Let’s think about that a little further and what it really means: “I just lost my job… and I accept it.” “My partner is controlling and

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My Lesson in Stinky Flow

admin/ May 16, 2017

There is a flow to all of life, it feels great when you’re in it and rubbish when you’re not. I walked in from work the other day and the house smelt like poo. “This is not good”, I thought! I was met by my daughter who explained that she had been playing with her brother and let off a

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