A 40yr journey of Empowerment

Cup of tea on wooden backgroundI met a friend for a cuppa the other day and we were talking about personal empowerment and the journey it can take.  She said that while it had taken a while to get to this point (40 years), she’s finally recognised that she’s not responsible for what others think or feel about her.  At which time she said….

“If you don’t like it ….. look away!” It was a simple, strong remark and said with a bit of ‘sass’ …. it made us both burst out laughing.

People often get caught up in fear about other people’s judgments.  So to get to the point of self-acceptance, knowing you are ok (and amazing) just the way you are, is a very empowered place to be.

My friend’s comment travelled with me throughout my day, and when my daughter was talking about the need to feel socially accepted by her peers (as all young girls do!), I found myself sharing my friend’s story with her.

A little later I heard my children having a ‘moment’ in the kitchen.  From a distance I heard  my daughter say…“If you don’t like it ….. look away!”

Try it on.  You don’t necessarily need to say it out loud, you can simply affirm it in your head.

Empowerment is a journey we all take, some of this comes naturally, some requires extra support.  Peacefulness within yourself is the key.  To learn more about the creation of Inner Peace click here.

Love and Wisdom