…. and then she said “Everything is energy”


I remember working many years ago in a yoga studio in downtown Seattle, my now 14 year old son was only about 18 months old at the time.  My husband would come home from work and I would ‘lovingly’ hand over our son and shoot out the door for some ‘me’ time.  I look back now and I realise that this ‘me’ time has become so much more.  The learnings I received have now become a strong foundation to the way I see/perceive the world.

My learnings were wide and varied. I learn’t many things from how to run the register, right through to how to teach yoga classes and how to work with individuals using their unique Korean style healing modalities.  My biggest learning however came from my job of cleaning the shop front.  We were under precise instructions to clean every shelf everyday and sweep whenever time permitted through-out the day!

It seemed a rather strict regime and I asked the head master of the centre “Why are we doing this?”  She responded in her broken English “Everything is energy”.  At the time the scientist in me jumped to the forefront and thought, “What… I don’t get it!”.

Hands energy


This concept was forever etched in my mind.  It has become an amazing journey of research and personal learning into the world of energy.  What did she mean, how did dust equate to energy and was this the same energy I felt in my body when I was doing Gi-Jam (energy dance) at the end of the yoga session?


I found myself smiling like a Cheshire cat last weekend when I realised just how much my life has expanded with new knowledge and experiences.  I was presenting a workshop and we were talking about this concept and doing an experiential that helps people to recognise their own personal energy system.  This is a powerful group experience where energy is shared, resulting in a simple battery powered device with a buzzer turning on and off.


We gather in a circle and hold hands. The devise picks up the energy flowing between us and the buzzer goes off.  Often when we unlink hands and the devise is still buzzes…

Every single time I do this experiment the result are different.  The environment, the people, the connection differs depending on the group.  However, I have noticed that when people have a substantial experience of how energy flows between us with or without the need to touch, a new perception of the world is achieved. This new learning can enable us to make life changes.

“Everything is energy” has become an area of such interest to me that my bed side table has numerous books on this topic… anyone for a bit of light quantum physics reading prior to sleep!

On a quantum level the seat you’re sitting on, the computer or phone you’re reading on, the air that you are breathing is all energy.  Everything vibrating at its own unique frequency.  Every person you spend time with will impact you energetically.  Are you in a man-made environment or in nature?  Energy will impact on you differently depending on where you are and who you are with, not to mention the food you put in your body and products on your skin.  Even the dust on a shelf!  Is the shelf built up with dust and stagnant, or vibrant from the care taken to create a clean space using products with high vibrational qualities?.

So perhaps you’re like I was 13 years ago “What the…?” or  you’re one of the many people who may be smiling because you have done this energy ball experiment with me, or perhaps this is just a great reminder because you understand this concept well already.

Your thoughts, your words, your actions, your environment, your body…. Everything is energy and they interact with the world every minute of everyday.

Love and Wisdom,