Archetypal Patterning Workshop

Seeing Life Symbolically

Seeing Life Symbolically

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to certain people, ideas, or situations and repelled by others? Do you wonder why you sabotage things in life, or why you totally give your power away to certain people or situations?


What about your dreams and hopes for the future? Do you feel like you’re just getting through life? Or do you feel like you’re destined for greatness and abundance? Archetypal understanding helps you unleash your highest potential, unlock your understanding of relationships and much, much more.


An Archetype is a pattern of behavior that, once discovered, helps you better understand yourself and others. Are you a beggar, queen, wise old woman, hero or servant? How are your victim, saboteur and inner child archetypes playing out in your life?



Come and discover which archetypes best describes you. Combine this information with your astrological wheel to create your own Sacred Contract. This can be the beginning of a great adventure, viewing every experience in life through a deeper understanding of your symbolic contracts. You can then use this knowledge to make more conscious decisions about everything from relationships to careers. You can avoid situations and events that would possibly bring you down, and instead, play up and enhance your strengths. The result is a joyful, more authentic you


We’ve all heard the expression that ‘Perception is everything”. I’ve come to believe that while it is not everything, it certainly does play a huge role in our overall health, wellbeing and sense of inner contentment. Looking at life through an Archetypal framework is a powerful way of changing your perceptions and enriching your life.  It helps put you into the driver’s seat of your life journey.

Highlights Include

  • Learn how your survival archetypes affect your life
  • Determine which archetypal patterns are uniquely yours
  • Create your own Sacred Contract as outlined by Caroline Myss
  • Explore the connection between archetypes and chakras and much, much more.

Bring a pen and some paper to this workshop, and be ready to learn and laugh.

Health Hub 1 Welfare Pd  Ashburton,

Time 10-5 pm,

Investment: $139,

Bookings are essential.