Authentic Balance Programs

At Core Wisdom we have developed programs that enable you to explore the many layers of your life; recognise your emotional and mental imbalances or blockages; and empowers you to learn, heal and grow through releasing these imbalances, bringing you closer to your core.

The programs have been created to allow you to discover different aspects of yourself whether it be your Alchemy of Inner Peace, your journey from Pain to Purpose, or preparing yourself for birth via Birth and Beyond.

We utilise simple muscle testing techniques to access your body’s innate wisdom, which guides us to specific times and events that require our focus and healing.  Imbalances in your system can be stored on different levels;  physically, emotionally, energetically and/or spiritually. 

Allowing the body to guide us, ensures we implement the most suitable healing modality for your individual situation. To achieve the goals that are specific to you, we draw upon the wisdom of great teachers of philosophy, metaphysics, quantum physics, health and healing.  In this way, your healing is achieved in a holistic manner. We incorporate the learnings of Demartini with his approaches to Life Values & Balancing Emotions; Myss’s knowledge of Archetypes and Sacred Contracts; Pert and Lipton’s amazing understandings of how our emotions and beliefs are stored and impact our physical form; Hick’s teaching on the Laws of Attraction, and much more.

Each week you will be invited to broaden your awareness of your health and who you are in the world. We drawn upon the Eastern traditions of Acupressure, Meridian resistance, Reflexology, Chakra Clearing; explore the mystical realms through past life regression and spiritual healings; while utilising the modern day frameworks of Forensic Healing, Psych K & Neuro Linguistic Programming.

This creates a truly holistic approach which allows you to immerse yourself in your healing journey towards Authentic Balance.

View our programs below:

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