Do you find yourself repeating the same unhelpful patterns again and again?
Unsupportive relationships?
Negative emotional responses that just don't shift?
Feeling stuck and blocked? Are you lacking fulfilment and direction?

Is it time to make a change?

Pain to Purpose Journey - Bringing Light to the Shadows

If you’re fed up and keen to move forward in a new way then the Pain to Purpose Journey is for you. This is a deep dive into yourself, a divinely guided journey. We work with the idea that life unfolds exactly as it does in order for you to explore your shadow side, creating growth and ultimately empowerment. By bringing ‘light’ (understanding) to your ‘shadow’ (unhelpful patterns), you’re healing yourself every step of the way. With new understanding, ‘enlightened’ choices can be made and you move forward with clarity and purpose.

Why should I bring my light to my shadow?

Your shadow aspects often show up in subconscious behaviours and thoughts. Imagine your life choices being run by a subconscious belief program that you’re not even aware of. By bringing light (understanding) to your shadow aspects you can become aware of what is effecting your…. everything! …. your relationships, your job, your sense of inner peace…. your everything.

Does bringing light to my shadow help to heal my life?

Absolutely. Understanding yourself is the first step. Once you understand your story, we can work to release negative patterns. You then get to consciously sit in the driver’s seat of your life and purposefully make choices about the direction you’re going.

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