Authentic Healing

What is Authentic Healing?

Authentic Healing works with the concept that all of our life’s experiences reside in our whole system, and that these effect how we are physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually in the present moment.

Authentic Healing

The Story behind Authentic Healing

I have had a deep passion for understanding healing for over 20 years. I initially spent time working on understanding and healing myself, and now work with others to achieve the same outcome for them. What I have learnt along this journey is that not one modality works for all people and that often times it is a combination of approaches that ultimately hold the key to successful healing. That is why I call it Authentic Healing, because it’s authentic to you, an approach tailored specifically to you and your unique issues.


Coming from a science background I have a deep respect for science and the miracles that modern medicine have brought to the world of healing. Equally I have witnessed and experienced the healing shifts that occur from ancient healing techniques.

  • Did you know that the field of science is only a few hundred years old, while the field of healing comes from ancient wisdom shared through thousands of years?
  • Did you know that many of the medicines of today are simply synthetic forms of aspects found in nature?

I have developed a healthy respect for both approaches and offer a bridge between the two. East meets West. Modern Science meets Ancient Wisdom.

The Foundations to Authentic Healing

Often times healing is focused on only one aspect of the person. You will notice that there are specialists practitioners for different organs or systems of the body which are really important if you’re faced with a specific issue. However often the healing regime for one system of the body has a negative impact on the others, and that is why a holistic approach is required.


Ancient healing wisdoms have always incorporated the different elements of the body system; physical, emotional/mind, energy/vitality and spiritual. Each element having an equal proportion of focus to achieve the healing outcome required.


We are made up of approximately 75 trillion cells, all with discrete jobs to keep us healthy and functioning optimally. Supporting these cells through nutrition and cellular communication is vital in achieving not only physical health, but emotional health and vitality too.


Often movement is only included in healing in the form of exercise regimes focussed on muscle development and weight loss. Movement is also key in the transportation of your lymphatic system, a major detoxing system of the body. Movement is a way of releasing blocked energy and increasing vitality, this is the basis to yoga and breathing exercises. Movement also creates connection to others; hugs, a handshake, body language. Did you know movement can even be used to assist shifting negative emotions and beliefs?

Core Wisdom AIP body-mind

Body Mind

I was so excited when I started to learn about how the mind impacts the physical body and visa versa. Amongst other things science talks of the ‘fight and flight’ systems taking hold when we are under survival/stress conditions. This is reflected in many of the ancient wisdoms and their approaches to health e.g. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. We must always be conscious that this connection exists and the body and mind reflect each other.


Your mind is a powerful tool that when harnessed can create healing and revitalise your passion for life. Did you know that your past impacts your present, and that your beliefs create your reality? Learning how your mind works is key to any healing adventure. Authentic healing allows you to experience the shifts required for you to create greater vitality and inner peace, as well as opening the way for you to reach your highest potential.


Quantum physics meets metaphysics, what a powerful team to create understanding and healing. When I first started this journey into ancient healing wisdoms over 20 years ago, the world of energy healing all seemed too ‘whoo whoo’ for many people to get their heads around. Now science shows us without any doubt, that all of life is not ‘solid matter’, rather at a subatomic level ….. all of life is ‘energy’.

Core Wisdom AIP spirit


Everyone’s idea of spirituality is different, some define it through religion, others simply through a known sense. For some people a sense of spirituality doesn’t really exist at all, while others hold their truths close to their heart and are often guided by them in daily life. Regardless of what it may be for you, it makes you an individual and there is no right or wrong. A sense of spirituality can shift your beliefs and how you interpret of the world, this then impacts your emotional state and overall wellbeing. The key here is to be comfortable with what it is that you believe, this comfort brings peace of mind.

Going Deeper

If you are looking to explore further and evolve to a deeper level of self-realisation and healing, then one of the programs may be right for you. Inclusion into these programs may not be suitable for all. After discussions with you, this decision is based upon your willingness to commit to the journey and to self-healing.