Turning up, your greatest gift

Life gives us opportunities to hide away from our inner dreams and greatness. There is always a back door to escape by if you really look for it. Or hiding behind someone else works well too.

Girl relaxing in poppy field

What does this mean for us? Why hide? Why not be out in the world saying what we believe and sharing our amazingness. It’s often our learned behaviour to be small in order to stay safe in some way that impacts our ability to ‘show up’.

In Australia our ‘culture’ is to stay small or someone will “pull you down a peg or two”. We call it the ‘tall poppy syndrome’. I’ve been told that it actually comes from our convict heritage. When a convict got ‘too big for himself’ and had the internal power to decide to try to escape, he was in trouble. The other convicts knew that if anyone escaped, those left behind would be punished. This became an effective way to keep the convicts in line. The soldiers used the fear of other convicts to keep them powerless and small.

So why now decades later do we keep doing this? It often comes from learnt behavior within the family unit. If I stay small or quiet I will ensure safety or harmony in some way. These are the survival patterns we all have to some degree.

Some people have it more than others depending on the functionality of their family life. Perhaps Mum or Dad were loud and angry and you knew if you stayed quiet you’d not attract unwanted angry attention. Perhaps a sibling was very unwell and you were always expected to stay quiet in order to keep the peace and not rock the boat. All of these learnt behaviours effect how we feel about showing up in the world. They can be fundamental patterns of behaviour that won’t allow us to push through and show our true potential.

The great news is that this can change with some consistent effort and using the tools that work best for you. The amazing thing about all of this is that when you do push through this fear stage and show up with the fullness of who you really are, you’re actually giving yourself the best healing possible. Let me explain.

A man in his mid 40’s, we will call him Stan, came to do some work with me. He had dreams of building a business that he’d always wanted to do but never felt he could. After exploring his background it became clear that this playing it small to stay safe was a behavioural pattern that he had perfected as a child and it was a pattern that he was still stuck in. Often, as adults we end up becoming stuck in these patterns even though the threat is no longer there, and now the pattern creates dysfunctionality.

The first important step is to recognise where you’re at and the patterns that exist. Your initial response may be to blame whoever was involved in this creation. This may feel a relief and your inner victim may like it for a while. “Oh that’s why I can never ……” (you fill in the blanks)

A significant transition occurs when we decide to take responsibility of where we are ‘at’. The inner victim gets a back seat and we draw upon some of our other inner resources that wish to move forward in life in a new way. Stan began to work with his subconscious patterning and reprogramed them with supportive statements regarding action and mindset:

  • “It’s safe to been seen and heard”
  • “My words and actions are valuable and wanted”

This opened the door for shift to occur. He worked though his fears and began to make plans for his new business venture. This was so different for him, because in past this exposure would have been too scary to tolerate.

It was through his bravery however that he gave himself his deepest healing. In showing up and sharing himself with others he was actually healing his past wounds. People enjoyed what he had to say, began to seek out his advice and even wanted to work with him on his business ventures.

Just think about this more deeply for a moment. His inner child, whose strategy it was to stay small, was initially reprogrammed to open up to new possibilities. Then with bravery and perseverance he showed up in the world more, and was welcomed and accepted. Along the way his inner child (that is always with us) witnessed himself in a whole new way. “Oh it’s ok to have a voice, it’s ok to share my passion, it’s ok to be seen”. This was the healing the inner child really needed, to be accepted and appreciated, and it was Stan that gave that to himself.

I always feel privileged to watch the unfolding of healing. When we empower ourselves and take responsibility for making the changes that are required, life can open up to new possibilities and wonders.

Do you have any patterns that are holding you back? Would you like to get to the core of your issues and make the changes that are required for transformation? Remember your initial 1.5hr discovery session is free, so what have you got to lose?!

Love and Wisdom


How our Physical Body takes us Out of the Flow

There is a flow to all life, a striving for growth and an invitation to surrender into deep peace.

Imagine you’re flowing down the river of life and suddenly you get caught in a branch that spins you around and you’re no longer in the flow. There are many branches that may capture you on this river, each one with a different characteristics, this one represents your physical body.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 1.27.05 PMSpeak to anyone who is in chronic pain or experiencing illness and you’ll soon understand how the physical body can take you out of the flow. Perhaps you’ve experienced this yourself. Your physical body may restrict you from doing everything you want to do due to illness and pain. Thus from an ‘action’ point of view, you aren’t able to achieve your goals and you’re “stuck in the mud”.

But of course it goes deeper than that. It’s what these restrictions do to your thoughts and how they play out in your emotions that can keep you floundering. When we are faced with illness and pain, our mind can spiral us into despair. It’s easy to think the worst, imagine terrible experiences or even endings. This headspace causes us to get further and further out of the flow.

If we pause for a moment and experience our physical body in a different way, new appreciations can develop. What is your body telling you? What needs to be changed in order to create health? If we drop into our body wisdom we can learn about ourselves and how our behaviours and thoughts have brought us to imbalance.

Sometimes we like to kid ourselves and pretend that we don’t know the underlying causes to these expressions of imbalance. But as we delve deeper into ourselves, we can understand how our emotions are linked to our thinking, how our thinking is dictated by our beliefs and how all this plays out in our energetic nature and, thus our physical body. Combine this with your intuitive knowing and understandings of how your environment can also impact your physical body, and you’re on the way towards healing.

This concept is nothing new, ancient philosophies have been advocating this for years. Skin issues are often linked to boundaries and feelings of vulnerability; pancreas issues are linked with a sense of over responsibility and lack of joy; while womb issues are often linked to creativity in some way. The key here is that you’re an individual, you have your own unique patterns which are expressed in your body in unique ways. While books and ancient frameworks can send you in the right direction, healing yourself requires knowing yourself.

When the work is done and with a renewed mindset, we can find gratitude for our body, thanking it for sharing its story in order to create change. With a mind full of gratitude we return into the flow.

The flow of life is always there. Allowing it to move unrestricted through your life is the challenge and the journey.

Love and Wisdom


STOPPED by vertigo, a lesson in SURRENDER

Mandy Agnew vertigo 1It’s nice to think that if you just fix this ONE problem then everything else is going to fall into place and after that, life in general will be rewarding and amazing.  Ahhh, what a nice dream!

Have I told you that I had my first mid-life crisis at 25 years?  (notice the word FIRST)  I’ve had huge points of crisis since then, each taking me deeper into the journey of self-discovery, empowerment and ultimately surrender.

The truth is, it’s a journey and with each step forward we get an opportunity to learn from life.  Over the last 6 months I’ve been exploring the concept of surrender, which is a teaching in most spiritual practices.  This means really letting go of the idea that I am in control of my life, and allowing life, life force, the divine or whatever you call it to take me to where I need to be. Perhaps it’s an experience of my highest service, or that of my deepest challenge, the perfect experience for me to get to know myself more, perhaps releasing what doesn’t serve me and finding peace at a new level.

Now a part of me screams and says ‘No way, you’ve got to be joking, I’m in control, I’m driving this ship, I’m making this all happen.’  Oh my ego/personality, she has a lot to say and she has some amazing patterns of behavior well ingrained.

Pop Header imageI grew up on a farm with my family where there was always something to do.  Dad was and still is a great role model for getting in and getting things done (Photo – my Dad on the header this summer).  He was never one to really relax and do nothing, some sheep or fence or crop always needed attention.  Through witnessing this I have taken on a belief/program that slowing down or not driving the ship is definitely NOT a part of who I am…. and here I am exploring surrender LOL!

So, of course, I get the cosmic kick in the butt!  I get unwell so I can’t NOT slow down.  I can’t NOT stop steering.  I have to surrender.  Have you ever had vertigo?  That sensation of imbalance and nausea …. The only thing I could really do was stop and do nothing, no work, no reading, no writing, no watching TV, no driving ….I didn’t go down quietly, I didn’t listen and learn quickly, it took 3 episodes in as many months to really make me look seriously at my pattern!

Now, I love the body-mind connection and if you have had sessions with me you’ll have heard me speak of this.  It works with the idea that our physical body reflects our mental/emotional state (the opposite is true too).  I was having the sensation of being out of balance because I was totally out of balance … emotionally and physically.  I had fallen into my pattern of the ‘do-er’ and had left the ‘be-er’ in the back of the cupboard.  I had been juggling my responsibilities as a mother, wife, daughter and therapist etc. etc. and had not taken my hands off the wheel because I had a sense of being in control of my ‘doing’.  Funny don’t you think, considering my overall theme of exploration has been surrender?

Surrender doesn’t mean not showing up for life.  It means showing up for life and not being too attached to the outcome.  Our life, in all its fullness is what makes the journey fun and worth living.  So the invitation is to show up to life and surrender to what is to be experienced.  If it’s wonderful, it’s wonderful and you learn from it.  If it’s crap, it’s crap and you learn from it.

So life gave me the opportunity to surrender to vertigo (not really an option to surrender, more like a full stop).  Did I surrender? Yes, no choice.  Did I accept it? Yes.  Did I make the move to fix myself with the help from my supports?  Absolutely! (Thanks Michael, Adeline, Leslie!)  Did I learn from it?  Yes, finally! ….  Surrender doesn’t mean staying a victim, it means accepting the situation and moving forward with the wisdom it brings.  Now I’m working with the affirmation and body-mind reprogramming work of ‘I accept down-time fully’ (fully to me means without guilt).

I have fully recovered from my vertigo now, but retain the learning!

We are all on a journey, we are all experiencing life, learning perhaps from its ups and downs and gathering wisdom along the way.  With this we can return to our core, that deeply loving, peaceful you (and me).

I’m off to put my feet up!  What do you need to surrender to?

Love and Wisdom

Allowing the flow to take you

lifeforceaipThere is a flow to all life, a striving for growth. Tuned in, we recognize the flow is often calling us towards transformation and inspiring creation.  We are invited to let go of past wounds and embrace new ways of being in the world, with the ultimate calling being one of living with internal and external peace.

When I say flow, think of moving water and perhaps the journey of a river.  Imagine for a minute you are in a boat traveling down the river; take a moment to close your eyes and visualize yourself in this boat.  Now take a closer look; are you traveling down the middle of the river within the constant steady flow or are you near the edge, near mud banks and branches?  I can recognize my own life in this analogy; sometimes I’m travelling full throttle down the center, with life lining up for me with great meetings, love, laughter and days filled with peaceful contentment.  Some days I find myself on the edge, dodging getting stuck in mud banks or getting caught in branches; life is slow and every step is filled with fear and concern, uncomfortable conversations and a sense of tardiness. This kind of day is far from peaceful.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something magical that puts you back into the flow; back into that peaceful state?  Some people will tell you that if you do this ONE thing it will be the answer.  I’ve been actively working with the wisdom of transformation for almost 20 years and what I’ve learnt is that ONE thing can be just the right concept for THAT moment in your life, but ultimately it’s a journey and more often than not, developing inner peace requires a holistic approach.  This approach must be one that includes your physical body and how you move it, your emotional self, your energetic nature and ultimately your spiritual unfolding; each part a unique piece of your puzzle, the solving of which will contribute towards creating a peace-filled life; one that allows flow.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 3.08.01 PMSo back to those branches in the river, what do they really represent?  They are the different aspects of ‘you’ holding yourself back.  Perhaps you recognise that a significant branch is your physical body, with illness and pain holding you in a state of fear and discomfort.  Perhaps another branch is your emotional patterning that keeps you in anger or self-doubt.  As you explore deeper you start to recognise that these branches are interconnected and that ultimately what is happening in your mind is reflected in your physical body and your energetic nature as well.
The great thing about the interconnectedness of this branch tapestry is that if you find the right thread to pull, the whole tapestry of entangled branches can begin to fall apart, dissolving emotional issues, healing physical issues and restoring energy levels.

The flow of life is always there.  Allowing it to move unrestricted through your life is the challenge and the journey.

Love and Wisdom


My Heart Healing Dance

Core Wisdom Heart Healing DanceThere is a flow to all life, a striving for growth and an invitation to surrender into deep peace.

Imagine you’re flowing down the river of life and suddenly you get caught in a branch that spins you around and you’re no longer in the flow. There are many branches that may capture you on this river, each one with a different characteristics, this one represents how you MOVE your physical body.

Lack of movement creates a stagnant body system, effecting your health, energy levels and emotional state.

Often our main focus of movement is as exercise to burn fat, build muscles, improve cardiovascular health, move lymph and detox the body. These are all great steps towards health, inner peace and finding your flow, but this is only the beginning. Movement can also connect you to your emotions, energetic nature and spiritual self, through this re-connection amazing healings takes place. This is when movement becomes therapeutic eg. Dance Movement Therapy (DMT).

One DMT experience that had a dramatic affect on me was while dancing with my daughter who was 3 at the time. We were participants in a parent and child class. In this session the aim was to provide an environment for creative expression and connection. The teacher had laid out Mexican style hats around the room and we were invited to skip around the hats to Spanish music. It became a dance of leading and following. The music became gentler and we were asked to stop momentarily, make shapes with our body, and then move again.

The shapes we made could be anything; arms open wide, scrunching into a ball, lay flat out on the ground. Then we added making shapes with each other; me down on all fours (hands and knees) and my daughter flopped over my back, my daughter doing a handstand against the wall and me wiggling in under her. It was a magical time of co-creativity, my heart suddenly exploded with pure joy and love in the moment. It was incredibly healing for me, like some aspect of my closed heart had broken open and I allowed deep love to penetrate into me. This was followed by deep peace and acceptance of all that was and all that had been. I had “let go” and was in the flow.

Movement is an unsung hero when it comes to personal development and healing. We can discover so much about ourselves, release energy blockages and move towards a peace filled state and return to the flow. Hugs and shaking hands are movements, laughing and smiling are movement too. These can be done everyday if you allow them to be a part of your life. You have your own way to move, I dare you, get up right now and move a little ….. even if it’s just to shake your body before you read the next article.

The flow of life is always there. Allowing it to move unrestricted through your life is the challenge and the journey.

Love and Wisdom


What is Unconditional Love and How do I experience it?

What is Unconditional Love? I imagine this is different for everyone, we all have our own take on it. Some of us have experienced it, while for others it is so far off the radar it’s not funny.

Unconditional love is divine love, it is the love that is at the core of all of us. It is love without judgment, requirements and conditions. It is a love that we all have the potential to experience but seldom do for any length of time because our ego gets in the way.

Our ego/personality creates the conditions. “I can’t love you fully because it’s not safe, you may reject me, or I may get hurt”…. “It’s happened in the past” you say, so you’ve learnt it may happen again! Or perhaps it’s, “I can’t love you unconditionally because I have judgments that in some way you don’t deserve and so I must hold back.”

Radiant Love Givers

Unconditional love is often first truly experienced between a baby and parent. In those early months and years, the baby is simply a ‘baby without an agenda’ (except to get its basic needs met of course). Once their needs are met, babies are radiant love givers. In these early days their soul’s bright presence allows unconditional love to flow, because the ego/personality has not yet developed. The child can continue to share unconditional love as long as he/she feels safe to do so. These are the special bonds of some parental relationships.

Loyal Love Returned

So how do we return to unconditional love outside of this parental connection? I think the person-dog relationship is a great role model. You’ve heard the statement ‘A dog is his master’s best friend’. The dog wants to serve and love and is incredibly loyal. You offer love to a dog and he knows it’s possible and keeps coming back for more. If you get busy and don’t give him the attention he deserves, he forgives you straight away when he sees you walk in with his lead in your hand! His forgiveness is immediate and he has a look on his face that says lets go for that walk together NOW, not next week when I’ve processed this terrible experience! I forgive you NOW, and lets get on with our relationship. I love you no matter what.

Now I can hear you say …… hang on, … you’re saying someone can continue to treat me badly and I just forgive and move on. No, that’s not what I am implying. Of course the way in which we treat each other needs to be mutually acceptable, and when it’s not, discussions and boundaries need to be put in place to get to that acceptable point. However, once you achieve this outcome, then forgiveness and moving on with unconditional love is the highest calling. Not holding on to past wounds or judgments, rather, moving forward with unconditional love.

Love at our Core

Here is the concept that I use for unconditional love: At the core of who I am, I feel love for everyone and everything. When I’m aligned and in this centered and peaceful state, I can forgive with divine ease and grace. I simply want to serve others and enjoy relationships sharing unconditional love. From my centred place I can witness the pain of others with compassion, and understand that their judgments and wounding actions come from their own wounded nature.

When I’m pulled off centre and get caught up in my ego, I lose sight of any compassion for another’s wounds. Their judgment hits home and my own ego wounds play out. I retreat and hold back, and not give any love, conditional or otherwise.

So the answer is finding your core, your centre, that soul peaceful place within you. Let past wounds be in the past. The more you can cultivate this deep connection with yourself, the easier it is to experience unconditional love for yourself and for others. Life will begin to reflect this intention and give you opportunities to experience deep love connections from those around you.

The Intentional Dance

As with all things it’s a dance between polarities, sometimes feeling unconditional love, sometimes not. Once the intention is set to appreciate the deepest experience of love and share it with another (or all), life can divinely line up experiences for you to explore this potential.

Want to know more about finding your centre, your Core Wisdom, contact Mandy.

What are you waiting for?


Photo of young boy reading a book while sitting on books

Do you ever get the feeling that things aren’t that great in your life and you know that something needs to change ….. and then you decide it’s just not the right time …. “I’ll do it later.” You might say.

What are you waiting for?

  • When the kids leave home
  • When you get the next promotion or that dream job
  • When your parents get better
  • When you’re out of debt

Look around your world and find someone who is facing their death or has witnessed a tragedy. Ask them how they feel about life now. They will probably say something along the lines of ….. “Make every day count, make every experience matter.” “Get the most out of your life now, not later because later may be too late.”

Don’t wait until you are faced with a life threatening experiences to make your move. You know on some level what needs to be addressed in your life right now. So, what is stopping you? Is fear dictating your behavior? Do you have lack of direction and purpose? Does your physical body need your attention?

Don’t wait for a better time to create your transformation. Now is the time. Start with something small today. Grab a piece of fruit rather than a slice of cake. Try using your breath to release stress rather than blowing up at your work mates.

If you’d like to really understand yourself deeply, create transformation and self-healing, contact me for a free introduction session. Don’t wait any longer, it’s the beginning of a new year, now is the time.

Love and Wisdom


Tree Surfing Life Lessons – learning in every moment


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of being part of our 13 year old friend’s birthday party. When I heard they were going to be climbing in the trees (tree surfing) in the Dandenong Forrest I invited myself along. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, so “Embrace the opportunity”, I thought.

What an adventure and one that I didn’t realise I would get so much out of, from a personal growth perspective. My body was pushed to its limits, my mind was ‘crazy focused’ and amongst it all I came to the edge of my existence.

There were 3 levels to the tree adventure; red, blue and black. We had some fun on blue before doing the ‘short black course’ (felt long to me!) Black, of course was the highest and, for my already fatigued body, it was a struggle from the beginning. It’s amazing how this experience afforded me such wisdom….

My lessons from the trees

  1. Outside Motivation – I’ve never really liked the idea of requiring motivation from an outside source, rather relying on internal inspiration instead. The adventure reminded me there is room for both! The beginning part of the black course was a vertical climb up a crazy thin pole like ladder. As I started to climb I realised my body was super tired from the previous course and the spent adrenaline rush but I persisted on. As I reach the top of the ladder …the crazy high ladder …. my body was shaking and my hands wanted to give up. My daughter had made it to the top and was yelling encouragement to me. Alongside of me my friend was climbing and cheering me on from her ladder. They were counting down the steps I had to go. I finally made it to the top and can truthfully say that I haven’t experienced that level of total exhaustion in this body of mine for quite a while. All I can say is thank goodness for that external motivation!

Lesson – There is a time and place for external motivation!

  1. Anxiety – They say that anxiety is fear of a future event. This idea became very real to me because I realised that I really didn’t know what I was getting into and that was an absolute blessing. Like a child happily going to school, totally unaware of the test that is planned.

Lesson – Sometime ignorance IS bliss

  1. Survival – I had a friend who used to say she was “Just putting one foot in front of the other to get through”. As I was walking along the suspended high wire, balancing using my hands on a wire above, I found myself saying the same thing, “One foot in front of the other” …. The circuit is only one way with people coming behind and no exits, the only option was forward.

Lesson – In life the only true way is forward

  1. Safety – it’s funny that within all that adrenaline pumping I’m not sure I ever really felt unsafe! There was focus, there was excitement and there was fear, but when I really stopped and thought about it ….. there was also a sense of being taken care of. We were linked onto a wired system in the tree tops that you had to clip-on and clip-off using a dual harness system. You could never be totally unclipped until the end, hence the sense of safety. I guess that the life analogy here for me was that I have a deep sense of being taken care of by something larger than myself, even under the most stressful conditions.

Lesson – Safety and Stress can co-exist

  1. Humility – as I started the final flying fox on the black course, my body and mind were relieved to know it would soon be over and I could say I achieved it…..Argh, not so fast! As I was getting near the bottom of the flying fox I looked down at my friend taking a photo, I started to turn, almost kicked him, tucked my legs in and started to LOOSE MOMENTUM …NOOOOOOOO! I didn’t make it to the platform! Oh no I was going to have to stop myself from sliding back down the cable and then pull myself to the landing. I knew the technique because I’d done it before, however this time I was too tired and my arms wouldn’t pull me in! I was stuck ….. I held on as best as I could to stop myself from sliding away and waited for the cavalry to arrive. At this point the pain in my arms out-weighed the embarrassment I felt.

As the young girl pulled me to safety, I apologized for being a bother, she didn’t even blink an eye and said ”That’s ok it’s my job, that’s why I’m here”. Funny how life was reflecting back to me the benefit of a non-judgmental hand, something I offer to others often. It was a great gift.

Lesson – A non-judgmental hand is worth its weight in gold

  1. You’re not alone – At the end of the adventure I sat quietly eating a chocolate frog with shaking hands while watching the party children having fun. I was left with a feeling of embarrassment from not being at my physical peak and having to be rescued. As I spoke to my friend she explained that on a previous visit she too had to be saved on a flying fox and then hurt herself quite badly afterwards due to fatigue. Through sharing her story, I realised that I was not alone and that another had experienced something similar, survived and went back for more. Through this simple act, I knew she realised she was helping to heal my wounds.

Lesson – Never underestimate that power of sharing your own survival story with another

I believe all of life’s experiences can be an opportunity to learn about ourselves and others.  I enjoy looking at my life this way.

Love and Wisdom

Dissolving into soup …

Dissolving into Soup ….. The Art of Transformation


two butterfly on flowers with reflectionI was reading a friend’s book the other day where she was discussing TRANSFORMATION using the analogy of the caterpillar-butterfly transformation that is often used, but Priscillia’s* level of detail captured me;

“Within the protective cocoon of the caterpillar, it digests itself by releasing its enzymes to dissolve all of its tissue until it is like a soup, then a highly organized group of cells ……. begin to grow the adult (butterfly) body parts.”

Wow, just think about the deep dissolution of all the tissues and then the total reorganization before coming out of the cocoon. I hadn’t thought about it quite to that level of detail before. No wonder this whole transformation gig can be a challenge to negotiate.

I see this journey of going inward and then coming out in both myself and the clients I work with. Each element being filled with adventure and risk. What if what I’m doing is not correct? What if my final beautiful butterfly self isn’t exactly the way I want it to be? Risk and excitement, excitement and risk.

Then there is the actual struggle of getting out of that damn cocoon. Did you know that if you open a butterfly’s cocoon for it, the butterfly will never fly because its wings need to be squeezed out dry during the struggle. I think it’s the same for us, we become clearer when we really need to struggle and have commitment to the final outcome.

For me, each time I go in, I seem to come out just a little more ‘whole’. I remember a number of years ago the process was one of integrating my scientific background with my current work of helping people heal themselves. In this analogy, dissolving and integrating the scientist/researcher and coming out with the Alchemist; broadening my perspectives of transformation and healing to incorporate BOTH modern scientific methods and ancient healing techniques.

Of recent times life has drawn me into the cocoon, again the process has been one of becoming whole. Becoming more confident in sharing my approach to health and healing and more passion about promoting a holistic model. Many of you have seen the images on the walls in my room at work and, with help from my friend Annie, these have been transformed into electronic images. Thanks Annie.

Each image connects with an element of our holistic self, each one needs to be considered in any healing adventure; physical, movement, body-mind connection, mind/emotions, energy and spirituality. Eastern philosophy meets western science … ancient healing wisdoms meet modern healing frameworks.

Take a look here

Love and Wisdom


* Unleash your Creative Opulence, Priscillia Ngaw, Balboa Press, 2016

Does anyone really care?


In this world of fast pass appointments and running from commitment to commitment, it’s easy to get the feeling that no-one really cares. You’re just a number in the system, someone else to be processed so the consultant can get through to the end of their day. We get home and perhaps watch the news only to be filled with sad and fear-filling stories. It’s easy to get very disheartened when we don’t hear any good news or feel the experience of someone actually caring.

I was speaking on the phone with my 12 year old daughter the other night and she was very disturbed about the story on the news about people considering banning the Burkini (Burka bathers) here in Australia. She was and is very concerned that people’s ability to follow their own spiritual choices is potentially being taken away. “They are asking them to go against their God and that’s wrong Mum. I want to do something about it. What can I do?”

Mixed emotions filled my heart, sadness about the possible banning of the burkini and gratitude and love for my daughter who wants to help people with whom she doesn’t share a common religion and who she doesn’t even know.

When we begin to look at life and focus on the moments of ‘goodness’, when people perhaps make the ‘hard’ choices because it’s ‘right’ rather than ‘easy’, or when we witness a person going the extra mile for someone, our perception of life can lift.

I hear stories of billionaires making choices to turn down huge financial gains for the betterment of society. I’ve experienced small business owners giving warm customer service with a genuine desire to help out. This is not to say that the exact opposite of these experience don’t exist in the world; of course they do, it’s a matter of what you fill your heart with.

When my daughter said “I don’t like those people that are making disrespectful comments about the Burkini” I offered “Perhaps you can love them enough to help them see a different perspective and open their hearts to include all people’s choices without judgment”.

Make the choice to look at life in a way that serves you. If you see something that gives you a ‘fire in your belly’ to make a change, then follow that passion. If you see something that fills you with sadness and feelings of being a victim, look away and reach for a better feeling thought and experience. Believe it or not, this simple act can change your world. What you focus on expands and has a healing capacity for yourself and this world of ours.

“Don’t join those who hate, join those that want to make a difference”. Mia Agnew, 2016

Love and Wisdom, Mandy