Enough is Enough

Enough is enough

It all started in a steaming rage!

The other day my morning walk started in a steaming rage.  It was a cold Melbourne day and my breath created small puffs of fog as I walked.  I had a moment of lightness as I recognised it really did look like I was steaming with rage!

For about the first 30 minutes of my walk I went from being totally consumed by my negativity to swings of ‘witnessing’ my negative self-talk and subconscious programming.  From this witnessing place I could see myself battling no one else but me.  Don’t get me wrong, I did want to go up to a few significant people in my life and shake them that’s for sure, and perhaps awaken to a new way of seeing the world, but primarily I was at that very moment only battling myself.

I had had one of those moments when you see things crystal clear and recognised in that second that ‘enough is enough!’  I’m sure you all know those tipping points!

I was listening to a conversation between two individuals (my children). This exchange ultimately left them with the idea that they were ‘not good enough’, and they did this to each other!  Stop, enough already!

It happens all the time.  Sadly we receive this information from so many different sources, that we take it on as a core belief and this subconscious programing then gets to play out in all aspects of our life:

“You’re not smart enough”
“You’re not skinny enough”
“You’re not resilient enough”
“You don’t have enough friends”
“You don’t make enough money”

Stop, enough already!

Ok, after about 30mins of the steaming rage walking, I allowed myself to slow down and breathe a little deeper, look at the trees and moving water.  It was in this transition that my light blub moment landed.

I recognise that people often tell these things to each other (directly or indirectly) out of FEAR.  Most of you will say, yeah of course …. One puts another down to make oneself feel bigger, thus supposedly reducing them as a risk and thus reducing the fear.

However, let’s take a deeper look.  What about when people tell those they LOVE that they are ‘not good enough’ out of fear.  What then?  From my light bulb moment, I now recognise that those judgments are often shared from a place of fear of how society will JUDGE the ones they LOVE.

A father tells his daughter she’s not thin enough BUT if she changes, she won’t get ridiculed by her peers.
A mother tells her son he’s not smart enough BUT if he changes, he won’t end up in a dead-end job and judged as a looser.
Siblings often share ‘not good enough’ judgments with each other in the hope they may create change in the other, reducing their potential to be impacted by the big wide world!

It’s an interesting idea don’t you think? ….. I need to wound you a little so you get the message and hopefully, you won’t get wounded by society as a whole.  A good strategy on some level I’m sure.

The problem is however, that our sub-conscious mind takes that information on as ‘truth’ which then gets to play out for the rest of our lives.  Remember, in our formative years our subconscious mind doesn’t have a ‘gatekeeper’ saying “That’s a helpful belief, let’s take that one”.  “No, bad idea, reject that.”  It all goes in, especially at a young age.  It’s not until later in life that our conscious mind begins to play a role making conscious choices about taking things on or not.  So those unhelpful early programs get to go on and impact us as life unfolds. You’re fat,  you’re stupid,  you’re sickly. Yuck!

The truth is, You Are Enough!  You Are Enough!  YOU ARE ENOUGH!  One of the greatest gifts you can give your children, your friends, your lover, is the gift of You Are Enough.

And I am not talking about  ‘just enough’ that you’ll get through.  No, this is stronger and deeper! ….. You Are Enough …. You are able to achieve anything and everything your heart desires because you are absolutely, 100% enough! 

Love and Wisdom


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Are we there yet?

Do you ever get that feeling that you just want to be there right now!  The perfect job, home, partner, inner peace perhaps ….. Enough already, bring it on!

I was contemplating that exact thing last week.  The Core Wisdom business continues to grow and it’s an exciting time, my family members are all expanding into new adventures, it’s a continuous feast of challenge and delight.  So what was my discomfort all about?  I recognised that I needed to address some unsupportive subconscious programming & beliefs that I have taken on.

Our mind can be described as having two components: our conscious mind and our sub-conscious mind.  Our subconscious mind behaves like a sponge, initially there is no vetting of the information it takes in, it’s all considered ‘truth’.  Especially in our formative years, and often into our young adult life, there is no-one at the door to the subconscious mind saying, “Yes that’s a helpful belief, we will keep that one” or “No that one doesn’t serve us… throw it away”.

Someone shares their opinion with you, it can go straight in if you accept it.  You speak negatively to yourself, it goes straight in.  You experience, perceive and judge the world in a certain way, it goes straight in.  These beliefs then become the basis for how we interact with the world (ie. how we behave).  It is not until our later years that our conscious mind begins to be our gate keeper.  Bringing our conscious awareness to all this subconscious information and programming is the first step in healing …. What are we feeding our minds?

It is said that the subconscious mind is in the driver’s seat 95% of the time and is one thousand times more powerful than the conscious mind.  Now if this is correct (and YOU can decide if you’d like to take this on as a belief), then it highlights the fact that we need to bring a new level of awareness and often re-programing to our subconscious mind.

So back to my ponding, will I ever get there?  People have offered their opinion of “You ought to be there by now” (someone is offering me a program!).  I do believe there is a time for practice and consolidation, but I also know that I just love to seek deeper levels of understanding and that I will always be evolving (OK this is a program that feels authentically “me”, let’s keep this one!).

What is that saying, “If you’re not growing, you’re …… “ (I’ll let you fill in the best program for you).


Butterfly Transformation

As part of my pondering of getting ‘there’, I was enjoying reading about Native American Animal Medicine and the Butterfly showed itself to me.  Most people recognise the Butterfly as the animal medicine that represents the cycle of self-transformation.

Like butterfly you are always at a certain stage in your life activities.  You may be at the egg stage, where an idea is born, but has not yet become a reality.  The lava stage is the point at which you decide to create the idea in the physical world.  The cocoon stage involves ‘going within’: doing or developing the project or idea, or aspect of your personality.  The final stage of transformation is the leaving of the chrysalis and birth.  This last stage involves sharing the colours and joy of your creation with the world. (Sams and Carson, 1988)

You may be able to recognise some project or aspect of your life through this cycle.  The key component to Butterfly medicine is that it highlights the never-ending cycle of self-transformation, and that all aspects of our lives are transforming continuously.

So where am I up to now?  I have a new hair-do, the Core Wisdom website and programs have been updated and the new work location is sweet!  I’ve created some new videos to share the work that I’m loving – take a look below.   Life is an evolving feast and I’m loving it…. and I’ll always appreciate that it’s a continuous journey.

Love and Wisdom


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Summon the Universe – Bridging Science and Metaphysics

Summon the Universe

Bridging Science and Metaphysics

Summons the Universe

If I was to ask you ‘Have you heard about the Law of Attraction?”, I imagine you’d say “Yes, of course!”, that is unless you’ve been living under a rock.  If you have been under a rock, fabulous, you’ll enjoy this!  I’ve absolutely loved this concept for years now and have been researching this whenever something new presents itself.

Basically the Law of Attraction means that we are attracting into our life the people, the jobs, the home…. absolutely everything that surrounds us.  Now this can be both exciting and concerning at the same time.  On the one hand, this means we have the potential to attract what we really want in life.  On the other hand, if life is ‘less than best’, we need to take responsibility for attracting that into our world.  This can be hard to get your head around.  “Why would I attract that car accident?” “What makes me attract the same unfulfilling relationships again and again?”  “Why am I in a job that doesn’t work for me?”

The real ‘Secret’ is revealed when we look a little deeper into this.  Abraham via Ester Hicks actually talks about 3 laws.  Firstly The Law of Attraction as mentioned above, secondly The Law of Deliberate Creation and thirdly The Law of Allowing.  It is through the understanding and use of these 3 laws simultaneously that amazing things begin to manifest in your life.  I highly recommend reading or listening to the amazing wisdom that Ester shares, as it’s the fine-tuning of your thoughts, emotions and actions that make the difference.  Another great resource is the movie “What the ‘Bleep’ do we know?”.  It is an oldie but a goodie, and reminds us to widen our perspective on life.

About 6 months ago I was introduced to some amazing science about the brain and its role in manifesting.  Now many of you may know I have a research science background so my interest peaked!

According to the two brilliant genius minds of Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein, the human brain is both a transmitter and a receiver of frequency. They both independently concluded that the human brain emits frequencies which when focused are picked up by other human brains and/or matter through the ethers, very similar to the way radio waves work. These frequencies can pass through the same objects that radio waves do, but according to Edison and Einstein, the frequency of the brain has some very unique characteristics.  They suggest the frequency size is even smaller, it travels faster than the speed of light, and instantaneously can be picked up at the exact same moment by another human brain on the other side of the planet, with exactly the same amount of energy.

“The mind is more powerful than any particle accelerator, more sensitive than any radio receiver or the largest optical telescope, more complete in its grasp of information than any computer.” – Terence McKenna.

This excites me no end!  So it’s my own brain that actually transmits and receives vibrations and plays the role of creating my own reality…. So it’s down it me to work with my own vibrations.  Now the laws of Attraction, Creation and Allowing really makes sense.  I love building a bridge between the world of science and our mystical understanding.  No doubt I will continue to learn about this through-out my life and use it mindfully (all puns intended!).

Love and Wisdom


brain vibrations

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The Big C … a bad dream

The Big C …. a bad dream

Creating a healthy environment


A young friend of mine called me the other day wanting to talk about a bad dream he had had in the early hours of the morning.  In his dream he had been told that he had 2 days to live because he had cancer.  He had become frantic, so frantic in fact, he eventually woke himself up.  As he spoke of the dream he was obviously very upset… not a surprise!

I’m sure there are some amazing dream interpretation people out there, with ideas of what his subconscious wanted to share with him.  I felt that perhaps a more direct approach may be needed.  We all receive messages from the media and society in general regarding the big C… “2 out of 3 get this type” “it’s all in your genes” etc etc.  That’s a lot of negative programming!  It seemed to me that he needed some alternative information to place his attention on and empower him.  I was hoping this would stop the re-living loop that he had got stuck in.

I explained that the genetic research over the last 10-15 years has shown that as little as 5% of all illness have a genetic link, and that it is environment that makes all the difference, i.e. the environment that your cells are re-generating in.  This is something we have control over – great news don’t you think!

This concept of the environment of genealogy became clear to me when I first watched a video of Bruce Lipton who talking with Wayne Dwyer about his life’s work.   Bruce spoke of his early years of research where he had placed cloned stem cells (i.e. exactly the same primary cell) into 3 separate petri dishes.  He then changed the environment (chemistry) in each dish.  One environment created the precursor cells to fat, the next precursor cells to muscle, the third precursor cells to bone.  I’ve included a link below to the YouTube video, it’s a simple explanation of an incredibly important topic.

Petridish Click image to watch video

The bottom line is that up to 95% of the time we are not victims of our genes as we once thought.  We are empowered to create an environment in our body that limits the potential for cancer and other illnesses to take hold.  This of course needs to be a multi-level approach because there are so many things that impact our cell environment.  For example, our stress levels (emotional state), our energetics, our external environment, the toxins we ingest and our nutrients levels.

One easy place to start is the nutrients we place in our body.  These are the foundational building blocks of all the body’s vital systems.  Basically if the body doesn’t have the resources it can’t perform the way it’s designed to, that is to be self-regulating and therefore self-healing.

As I spoke to my young friend about this, I explained that he was in the driver’s seat, and that he could be mindful of all the environment of his cells.  I explained that this is why his Mum gives him an organic liquid wholefood every morning called Body Balance.

I  recommend this nutritional product to everyone.  It has 120 vital nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace minerals etc. etc.), which are available for your body to drawn upon.  The reality is that we are all unique.  What your body needs to run optimally is different to what my body needs.  My body needs different nutrients at different times of my menstruation cycle, at different levels of stress and as a consequence of the varied external environments I’m exposed to.  I love the idea the I am supplying my body with a broad range of nutrients everyday as this allows my own “body wisdom” to take over and utilise exactly what it needs.

I’ve included a link below to a great video on Body Balance.

Remember the importance of a holistic approach.  Nutrients are one element. Emotions, energy and the external environment need to be considered also when working on cell environment.

Love and Wisdom


Body Balance Bottle  Click image to watch video

New Adventure … we have moved

New Adventures for Core Wisdom

We have moved  …. A new location with new potential

Home circle of friends

Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes we wonder if we are on track.   My own personal history has taught me that some of the most challenging of times have resulted in great growth and a sense of empowerment.  So from that point of view, I now embrace those shaky and uncertain times with an element of excitement and wonder of what is next in store.

In recent times, life has opened up some new opportunities and while I have felt a little nervous to take the plunge, I’m certainly happy that I did.  Core Wisdom is now located with the team at the Ashburton Health Hub in the heart of Ashburton.

Thank you Universe!  I now have my own space within walking distance from my home.  I am able to see clients 6 days a week from 9.30am, with evening appointments also available.  This is an exciting milestone for the business.

My amazing family helped me move in last weekend and then during the week, one of my beautiful clients (who is a fantastic interior decorator) gave me suggestions for fine-tuning the healing space.  I’m feeling truly blessed!

Over the coming months I will share with you some insights on activating your personal healing both emotionally and physically, along with other cool things, plus news of what events are coming up.

Feel free to jump off the list if you wish to, but I hope you stay on board and be part of this new chapter for Core Wisdom.

Love and Wisdom