Birth and Beyond Program

Are you prepared for the Birth of your baby… and Beyond?  Do you have fears about the Birth and Post Natal Depression?  Do you feel anxious about becoming a mother?


Would you like to prepare yourself holistically through Body, Mind and Movement for Birth and Beyond?


Feelings of fear and anxiety are understandable when you’re faced with the unknown, and the birth of your first child is certainly that!  What about when you’re faced with the repeat experience and the first one wasn’t that great?

During the Birth and Beyond program, you will prepare yourself holistically for the birth of your child and your transition into motherhood, creating an empowered and joyful journey, rather than one filled with fear, confusion and anxiety

Release Fear

Explore past wounds and fears, and release these using a variety of Body-Mind processes and Psychotherapy tools. Clearing these issues out early on your journey into motherhood will be a wonderful gift to both you and your child.

Develop a birth plan that supports your birth choices and creates clarity.

Create your own personalised affirmation plan for use during meditation; ensures ongoing support of releasing fears and affirming positive outcomes.

Create Ease

Nourish your body with optimal nutrition and gain the energy you are missing.

Tune into your body and baby through movement and yoga.


Meditation / Relaxation combined with essential oils; creates supportive subconscious connections between your Body and Mind, and your baby.


Explore what it means to become a mother. Examine different parenting styles and choices which pave the way for an empowered journey into motherhood.