Corporate Holistic Health and Wellbeing

This 1 Day workshop provides an overview of how our internal biochemistry is affected by our emotions and our surrounding environment. This is vital information considering the continuing stresses that our system is placed under in the working environment.

It is suitable for all companies wishing to help their staff take control of their health and wellbeing by understanding the complex interplay of body, mind, energy and spirit, and who want to explore how our external environment affects these internal conditions.

Learn the science behind achieving holistic health. Learn how your mental judgments of the world around you result in various emotional responses, and then how these impact the energy and biochemistry of your physical body.  Then layer upon this an understanding of the impact that your surrounding environment has on your system.


Additional workshop series can be tailor specially for attaining optimum health and vitality in your business

Core Wisdom has access to a wide variety of professionals that are inspired to share information about the health areas they are most passionate about.  Some examples include:

  • Natural solutions for boosting the immune system and supporting workplace stress.
  • The role of movement in creating a healthy lifestyle.
  • The importance of structural support and bone alignment for maintaining health.
  • The art of Feng Shui – creating a workspace that is vibrant and conductive to creativity and productivity.

Individual support for selected team members

The greatest results are achieved when we recognise each individual will have their own journey to sustained health and wellbeing. We can support this uniqueness and help your team members achieve their own health and wellbeing goals.

Highlights Include

  • Optimise the inputs into your physical body
  • Balance your Emotional Biochemistry
  • Explore your Energetic System
  • Learn to explore life Symbolically