Does anyone really care?


In this world of fast pass appointments and running from commitment to commitment, it’s easy to get the feeling that no-one really cares. You’re just a number in the system, someone else to be processed so the consultant can get through to the end of their day. We get home and perhaps watch the news only to be filled with sad and fear-filling stories. It’s easy to get very disheartened when we don’t hear any good news or feel the experience of someone actually caring.

I was speaking on the phone with my 12 year old daughter the other night and she was very disturbed about the story on the news about people considering banning the Burkini (Burka bathers) here in Australia. She was and is very concerned that people’s ability to follow their own spiritual choices is potentially being taken away. “They are asking them to go against their God and that’s wrong Mum. I want to do something about it. What can I do?”

Mixed emotions filled my heart, sadness about the possible banning of the burkini and gratitude and love for my daughter who wants to help people with whom she doesn’t share a common religion and who she doesn’t even know.

When we begin to look at life and focus on the moments of ‘goodness’, when people perhaps make the ‘hard’ choices because it’s ‘right’ rather than ‘easy’, or when we witness a person going the extra mile for someone, our perception of life can lift.

I hear stories of billionaires making choices to turn down huge financial gains for the betterment of society. I’ve experienced small business owners giving warm customer service with a genuine desire to help out. This is not to say that the exact opposite of these experience don’t exist in the world; of course they do, it’s a matter of what you fill your heart with.

When my daughter said “I don’t like those people that are making disrespectful comments about the Burkini” I offered “Perhaps you can love them enough to help them see a different perspective and open their hearts to include all people’s choices without judgment”.

Make the choice to look at life in a way that serves you. If you see something that gives you a ‘fire in your belly’ to make a change, then follow that passion. If you see something that fills you with sadness and feelings of being a victim, look away and reach for a better feeling thought and experience. Believe it or not, this simple act can change your world. What you focus on expands and has a healing capacity for yourself and this world of ours.

“Don’t join those who hate, join those that want to make a difference”. Mia Agnew, 2016

Love and Wisdom, Mandy