Finding your Flow

What creates a flow-filled life and how do I get more of it?

Office lady being scared because of too much paperwork to do


Have you had this experience? You wake up to the alarm blasting in your ear, you roll out of bed and stub your toe. After grabbing a quick bite to eat you run out the door only to find yourself stuck in traffic. When you finally get into work your day continues on a downward spiral of missed appointments and misunderstandings. You know this kind of day….. we have all had them!



Let’s consider an alternative: You wake up two minutes before the alarm, you stretch and roll out of bed effortlessly. You gracefully ready yourself, enjoy a relaxed and healthy breakfast and you seemingly glide out the door, laptop in hand ready to face the day. Traffic easily flows, meetings flow, laughter and appreciation flows …. You know this kind of day where things just seem to flow…


What is FLOW? How does this flow propel life forward and promote growth? During my younger years, I didn’t question how life began, how it unfolds or how fulfilling it can become. I always thought that if it was my brain that makes my body function, then it must have been my brain that made me come into existence and is thrusting me through life. Imagine my surprise when I thought deeper about this concept and realised that I had it so wrong. In our beginning the sperm and the egg get together, the genes they carry combine and the cells start to divide, they just know. Certain cells become a leg bone while others become a kidney and yet others become the brain. They all just know how to do it, responding to their environment and getting on with what is required.

I now understand there is an innate Wisdom that is the driver of all life, it impacts our experiences and influences our circumstances. Where does this Wisdom come from? As far as I can determine there is no clear scientific understanding of this Wisdom, it seems to belong in the realm of mystery. There appears to be a knowing of all life, a perpetual flow of Life Force that creates and then maintains life.

This Life Force/Wisdom has been referred to by many names. Some call it God force, it’s also known as Chi, Ki, Prana and Tao etc. When we are in our flow, our life flows effortlessly. However certain experiences, belief systems and conditions, and our reaction to them can reduce our flow. These may include physical trauma and ill health, financial stress, unfulfilled job/career, lack of self-worth and poor relationships etc.

How do we stay in our FLOW? Flow is found primarily through the creation of Inner Peace. In the coming months we will explore what may be HOLDING you back from being in YOUR FLOW and how we can find FLOW in a holistic manner. Flowing with life means you’re increasing your chance of being in the right place and the right space for relationship success, work success and a healthier, happier you.

Love and Wisdom