Holistic Life Force Workshop

Your Holistic Life Force, A Model for Health, Healing and Inner Peace

Learn about your Holistic Life Force and the key concepts that will change the way you view your health and wellbeing forever!


This workshop delivers an outline of achieving Health & Wellbeing in an integrated and holistic manner.


It is suitable for all people wishing to take control of their health and wellbeing by understanding the complex interplay of body, mind, energy and spirit, and who want to explore how our external environment affects these internal conditions.


This full-day workshop is a wonderful opportunity to explore what it really means to ‘live in your full potential’. Imagine sustained good health and an unwavering sense of wellbeing, all while achieving your dreams. By understanding your holistic nature, you are empowered to make changes in in your lives. These changes fully support you to becoming the best that you can be. Come and be inspired.

Holistic life force


Learn the science behind achieving holistic health. Learn how your mental judgments of the world around you result in various emotional responses, and then how these impact the energy and biochemistry of your physical body.  Then layer upon this an understanding of the impact that your surrounding environment has on your system.  Highlights include support to:-

  • Optimise the inputs into your physical body
  • Balance your Emotional Biochemistry
  • Explore your Energetic System
  • Learn to explore life Symbolically

and much much more!


Health Hub, 1 Welfare Pd, Ashburton

Time 10-5 pm

Investment $139

Bookings are essential.