What others are saying about Core Wisdom

Programs and Individual Sessions

Mandy is a wonderful person who has incredible insights and intuition. Over the past 8 months she has helped me  to transform my thinking about myself and my life to create a sense of peace and clarity. Our time together so far has been incredible and I am so grateful that I have been able to share, experience and learn, Thank you. 

Belinda (Sacred You Program)

Mandy offered a warmth of encouragement and wealth of deep spiritual insight, as she gently helped me to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of my spiritual journey and true potential.  I would highly recommend this course to each individual looking to make honest and deeper discoveries about themselves and their souls purpose in this life, and as a means of achieving a sense of peace with oneself.  


Mandy is most generous hearted and it didn’t take long for me to know that I had found someone I could trust. This healing journey has been surprisingly gentle and easy, Mandy has an innate knowing of how to unlock doors in my consciousness and each time I have seen her, my acceptance and understanding of myself and my life circumstances has deepened and I have become more empowered to create my life in a more healthy and authentic way. Mandy’s wholistic approach supports my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. I am very grateful to have found her and whole heartedly recommend her to anyone. 


I have had the honour and privilege of working with Mandy Agnew as my personal healing mentor and coach for the past 6 months. With her intuitive ability and her very high level of conscious awareness, she has helped me to identify and release long-held belief systems and patterns of behaviour in my life that have limited me. As a result of working with Mandy, I have experienced dramatic changes, including the start of a new, lucrative business. I feel very empowered, my self-worth has increased dramatically, and I am ready for the new life that lays ahead of me. Working with Mandy is a blessing and a great asset for anyone who wants to be the best they can be.


My contact with Mandy showed me how someone can bridge the feeling aspects and the thinking aspects of themselves and find a balance between the two.  Mandy’s trust in herself and in the healing process helped create a space in which my own healing process could unfold as it needed to.  This is the sign of a truly great healer, someone who can hold the space with a sense of curiosity and wonder, and without judgment, and let a person’s inner wisdom get on with doing whatever it needs to do, in order to heal. 


A very special person, she was so caring during the session, she really helped me, I feel light and happy. I just have a feeling….’I want to see her again!’  Mandy was extremely intuitive and picked up on certain issues before I said them. I felt totally at peace with her and trusted her and the process. I felt a clearing and a connection! 

Tori D

Mandy was very accurate in finding the right information in my body to release negative energies and after I felt amazingly clear and cleaner. Fantastic! Thank you! 

Marisa R

A huge energy shift which released issues that had been harbouring. I felt much lighter as a result. Your healing was one of the most profound that I have experience… My heart felt gratitude. 

Joan A

I came to my session with an open curiosity and healthy scepticism for what I would experience. I was more than pleasantly surprised when Mandy worked with specific times and emotional connections in my life.  Her skill is uncanny in her ability to uncover life events that no-one else knows about, a truly rewarding experience, even for a sceptic who feels in sync with their life. 


Mandy showed me invaluable support and guidance during a very challenging time in my life. Her gentle but powerful and compelling method facilitated the release of physical and emotional issues and their damaging belief structures. Mandy’s heartfelt truthfulness and sincerity helped me feel safe during the whole process. I now feel renewed and able to move forward in life with a deep inner strength. Thank you Mandy for your remarkable kindness and compassion and your engaging sense of humour! 

Annie S.

Workshop Testimonials

Mandy has facilitated numerous health and wellbeing workshops in the corporate environment for Miamba Health Pty Ltd. In particular her expertise, professionalism and ability to connect and articulate a clear message with corporate managers inspired positive change and alternative health ideas. This resulted in the better management of health practices, reduced stress levels and health issues amongst managers. 

Julie Richardson, Miamba Health Pty Ltd.

The content, the delivery and set up were of the highest quality. I am sure all the participants thoroughly enjoyed them. Most important of all, the main objectives were achieved. Many thanks and congratulations for a job well done. 

Djin Siauw, Exel Power Group.

The workshop was very informative, fun and light hearted. Mandy emanates warmth and a loving nature when presenting. I enjoyed hearing about Mandy’s personal journey thus far – adding the human element. The information presented on the energy system was most fascinating for me. I would love to hear more on this. 

Annie Sassin, Alzheimer’s Australia Vic.

…… Mandy carries her wisdom in a disarmingly humble way. She has a breadth of acceptance I’ve not come across. This skill facilitates true support and personal growth. I highly recommend you make this move”.  


Mandy’s personal charm linked with her sincerity and knowledge, made the workshop most enjoyable. 


What did I like most of the workshop – Mandy’s approach, her sense of wellbeing on all levels and the way she relates. Also my healing – getting to what lies beneath!! 


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