Summon the Universe Workshop

Manifesting your dreams

Explore how your past impacts your present, and your beliefs create your reality. Learn to embody the laws of attraction to manifest you dreams, whatever they may be.  Address issues of negative self talk, learn to modify unhelpful thinking strategies and behaviours.  Adopt meditation rituals to support your journey.  Discover how your personal health and surrounds impact your point of vibrational attraction.  Explore the possibilities of Karma and Sacrifice and clear their impacts.

Create freedom, happiness and joy, fulfill your goals by Summoning the Universe

Learn the science and metaphysics behind creating the life you’ve always wanted.

Achieve a profound understanding of the Law of Attraction and other universal laws that impact your ability to create your dream outcomes.

Learn the secrets which were left out of ‘The Secret’.

The system to create the life you really want

We are here on this planet to be so much more than we are living. Our journey is to break free from the negativity and fear that we are ‘fed’ through the media and other negative sources.

This journey you are about to embark on will show you proven ways to empower yourself. You will understand that you are the creator of everything in your life. You can attract a life of freedom, happiness and joy.

This workshop has been created from many years of study, experience, testing and feedback. It is an interactive learning approach where you will discover your deepest desires and lay out new plans for the coming years.

The system contains powerful keys to ‘Summon The Universe’ and you will be guided through each stage, including practical exercises to create your new pathway.

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2 Day Workshop - Time 10-5pm

Health Hub, 1 Welfare Pd, Ashburton

Investment $179

Here's what you will discover in this workshop...

  •  The essential steps in attracting what you desire
  • Understanding that you are what you believe
  • Changing the story you are telling yourself
  • Explore how to re-program your sub-conscious mind
  • How to clear your negative karma
  • Altering behavior to receive self love, release sacrifice and victim mentality
  • Using meditation/ritual to connect with the universe
  • Improving your personal health of your body and mind
  • How to create a personal environment to support your new life

What have others said...

Priorities are important, but we forget our own.  This bought to me that importance of me, what I can take control of when it comes to ME.  Thank you Mandy for giving me back ME!

Thanks so much for all of the learnings and wisdom that you brought into this space. Anne A xx

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