Core Wisdom invites you to take a journey
towards inner healing.  We recognise that
healing takes in many forms, it can happen
in a moment or take time to manifest in your
world.  The journey of life we each take is so
very individual, and therefore our journey
towards healings is equally unique.


We all have the potential to heal and move forward in our life.  Our body is designed to be healthy, vibrant and strong.  It has it’s own innate healing system built in.  Remember a time when you cut your finger, the body just took over and moved on with the job of healing that wound.


Similarly, I believe we all have the potential to live an emotionally balanced and harmonious life, and in fact that this is at the very core of who we are.  This is not to say that life won’t throw us challenges along the way, and as they say…. This is what gives us the opportunity to learn about ourselves and grow personally from the experiences.


At Core Wisdom the vision is for you to
become empowered and in the drivers
seat on your journey.  You will learn that
your body holds all the experiences of your
life, and that they maybe reflected in your life in


  • your physical body,
  • your emotional responses to the world,
  • your mental judgements and beliefs of all that surrounds you,
  • along with your sense of spirituality.


The wonderful thing about this is that we have the ability to access this information, to access your own ‘Inner Compass.


Your ‘Inner Compass’ is that part of you that has the answers to the challenges you face in life. Often we look to others to fix our problems, when really we have the answers within …. learning how to connect into that knowledge is all that is required.


This connection back to your ‘Inner
Compass’ can be created in many ways,
and people achieve this daily in their
own practices. For me, I have found two
profound methods that connect me back to my ‘Inner Compass’, Authentic Healing & Dance Movement Therapy both of which connect into the Body’s Innate Wisdom and Inner Guidance system.

I would love to share these with you.


Take a look at my videos and get to know me a little more, and then I invite you to have a look around this site and see if there is a feeling of connection to any of the information, sessions and workshops available. I look forward to meeting you and working together so you can achieve your own empowered transformation…. that’s what Core Wisdom is all about.

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