Are you ready to release depression, anxiety and pain, find clarity and direction? Break away from past wounds and unhelpful patterns? Get to the Core of the issues, while coming back to the Core of who you really are, that peaceful, vibrant you.


Find Inner Peace holistically by combining ancient healing wisdom with modern science. An integrated approach which combines body, mind and spirit, incorporates ‘East’ meets ‘West’, and creates a powerful healing model that really works.


I invite you to have a look around the site and see if there is a feeling of connection. I look forward to working with you, so you can achieve your own empowered transformation…. discover your own Core Wisdom.

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Core Wisdom empowers you on your journey to inner peace and self discovery.


FMandy Photo 2 April 2016or over 20 years I have passionately pursued wisdom and gathered expertise to nurture personal development and healing.  I can support you on your journey toward wellness, by empowering you to heal yourself… this is the most effective approach of all.

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find-your-core-wisdom Keen to give it a go?  Simply contact us for your FREE CONSULTATION at the Ashburton Health Hub, Melbourne.  

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Multiracial Young People Holding Hands in a Circle At Core Wisdom we love doing workshops.  Watch a short compilation of our fun and learning from around Melbourne .