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Take the journey to inner healing

Are you ready to release the past, and find clarity and direction? Break away from past wounds and unhelpful patterns?


Get to the Core of the issues, while coming back to the Core of who you really are, that peaceful, empowered, vibrant you.


Instead of chasing down different approaches, how about exploring them in an integrated way; body, mind, energy and spirit, all in one place.


Core Wisdom Empowers you on your Journey of Self Discovery, as you travel towards Inner Peace and living the life of your dreams.


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Our Services

Authentic Healing Programs

Authentic Healing works with the concept that all of our life’s experiences reside in our whole system and that these effect how we are physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually in the present moment.

Authentic Balance Programs

At Core Wisdom we have developed programs that enable you to explore the many layers of your life; recognise your emotional and mental imbalances or blockages; and empower you to learn, heal and grow through releasing these imbalances, bringing you closer to your core.

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I am truly inspired to work with people who wish to play an active roll in the transformation of their own lives. I am passionate about empowering people with new tools and strategies, and that is what these workshops are all about.

"My mission in life is to empower you to be your own Core Wisdom, so you can release past blockages that have held you back, and live in your fullest vibrant potential. I look forward to working with you."

Mandy xx

About Us

Mandy's Story

Each person was intrigued by the butterflies, their beauty, their uniqueness and their illusiveness!


Everyone wants to be landed upon, and then capture a photograph of the experience so that it was never lost……


What if we all had an opportunity to experience this in our everyday life, this beauty and uniqueness, and ‘own’ the experience as a part of us, so that it would never be lost.