3 Ways To Find Inner Peace By RADICALLY Accepting Your Life

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It’s hard, but SO worth it.

The main idea of radical acceptance is the ability to accept life “as it is”. The situations you face, the relationships you experience — all of it, just accept them.

Let’s think about that a little further and what it really means:

  • “I just lost my job… and I accept it.”
  • “My partner is controlling and jealous …and I accept it.”
  • “My child has started taking drugs… and I accept it.”

Now, if I’m honest, I’ve got to admit that there is part of me that says: “What the…?! How do I just accept this? Is that a reasonable or smart response? Surely, this just means that I’m giving up and living like a victim!”

Actually, this part of me is screwing up her face and thinking that this whole thing sounds ridiculous! She has a loud voice at times and if she was in the driver’s seat right now, this article would not be written.

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