Exploring Defeat

Earlier this month, life gave me the opportunity to explore defeat. Have you been in that place before?  I’m sure everyone has, and quite possibly a number of times. Clients often ask me how I work through tough times and so when I do have them, I pay close attention to my process, so I …

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Why Do Anything?

It’s a question I have pondered many times in my life, in many different ways, and received answers from many different perspectives. We can look at our behaviours and feelings as a way of exploring this. From one viewpoint we can see that social conditioning, society and family expectations profoundly influence what we do. If …

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Flow in Death

In recent times I have been surrounded by death. Death’s of family friends, friends of friend, and connections through my work. Each of these moments has offered me an opportunity to pause and reflect upon life. For many these are opportunities to make choices to change, appreciate our existence more deeply, perhaps commit to a …

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