Allowing the flow to take you

lifeforceaipThere is a flow to all life, a striving for growth. Tuned in, we recognize the flow is often calling us towards transformation and inspiring creation.  We are invited to let go of past wounds and embrace new ways of being in the world, with the ultimate calling being one of living with internal and external peace.

When I say flow, think of moving water and perhaps the journey of a river.  Imagine for a minute you are in a boat traveling down the river; take a moment to close your eyes and visualize yourself in this boat.  Now take a closer look; are you traveling down the middle of the river within the constant steady flow or are you near the edge, near mud banks and branches?  I can recognize my own life in this analogy; sometimes I’m travelling full throttle down the center, with life lining up for me with great meetings, love, laughter and days filled with peaceful contentment.  Some days I find myself on the edge, dodging getting stuck in mud banks or getting caught in branches; life is slow and every step is filled with fear and concern, uncomfortable conversations and a sense of tardiness. This kind of day is far from peaceful.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something magical that puts you back into the flow; back into that peaceful state?  Some people will tell you that if you do this ONE thing it will be the answer.  I’ve been actively working with the wisdom of transformation for almost 20 years and what I’ve learnt is that ONE thing can be just the right concept for THAT moment in your life, but ultimately it’s a journey and more often than not, developing inner peace requires a holistic approach.  This approach must be one that includes your physical body and how you move it, your emotional self, your energetic nature and ultimately your spiritual unfolding; each part a unique piece of your puzzle, the solving of which will contribute towards creating a peace-filled life; one that allows flow.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 3.08.01 PMSo back to those branches in the river, what do they really represent?  They are the different aspects of ‘you’ holding yourself back.  Perhaps you recognise that a significant branch is your physical body, with illness and pain holding you in a state of fear and discomfort.  Perhaps another branch is your emotional patterning that keeps you in anger or self-doubt.  As you explore deeper you start to recognise that these branches are interconnected and that ultimately what is happening in your mind is reflected in your physical body and your energetic nature as well.
The great thing about the interconnectedness of this branch tapestry is that if you find the right thread to pull, the whole tapestry of entangled branches can begin to fall apart, dissolving emotional issues, healing physical issues and restoring energy levels.

The flow of life is always there.  Allowing it to move unrestricted through your life is the challenge and the journey.

Love and Wisdom