Are we there yet?

Do you ever get that feeling that you just want to be there right now!  The perfect job, home, partner, inner peace perhaps ….. Enough already, bring it on!

I was contemplating that exact thing last week.  The Core Wisdom business continues to grow and it’s an exciting time, my family members are all expanding into new adventures, it’s a continuous feast of challenge and delight.  So what was my discomfort all about?  I recognised that I needed to address some unsupportive subconscious programming & beliefs that I have taken on.

Our mind can be described as having two components: our conscious mind and our sub-conscious mind.  Our subconscious mind behaves like a sponge, initially there is no vetting of the information it takes in, it’s all considered ‘truth’.  Especially in our formative years, and often into our young adult life, there is no-one at the door to the subconscious mind saying, “Yes that’s a helpful belief, we will keep that one” or “No that one doesn’t serve us… throw it away”.

Someone shares their opinion with you, it can go straight in if you accept it.  You speak negatively to yourself, it goes straight in.  You experience, perceive and judge the world in a certain way, it goes straight in.  These beliefs then become the basis for how we interact with the world (ie. how we behave).  It is not until our later years that our conscious mind begins to be our gate keeper.  Bringing our conscious awareness to all this subconscious information and programming is the first step in healing …. What are we feeding our minds?

It is said that the subconscious mind is in the driver’s seat 95% of the time and is one thousand times more powerful than the conscious mind.  Now if this is correct (and YOU can decide if you’d like to take this on as a belief), then it highlights the fact that we need to bring a new level of awareness and often re-programing to our subconscious mind.

So back to my ponding, will I ever get there?  People have offered their opinion of “You ought to be there by now” (someone is offering me a program!).  I do believe there is a time for practice and consolidation, but I also know that I just love to seek deeper levels of understanding and that I will always be evolving (OK this is a program that feels authentically “me”, let’s keep this one!).

What is that saying, “If you’re not growing, you’re …… “ (I’ll let you fill in the best program for you).


Butterfly Transformation

As part of my pondering of getting ‘there’, I was enjoying reading about Native American Animal Medicine and the Butterfly showed itself to me.  Most people recognise the Butterfly as the animal medicine that represents the cycle of self-transformation.

Like butterfly you are always at a certain stage in your life activities.  You may be at the egg stage, where an idea is born, but has not yet become a reality.  The lava stage is the point at which you decide to create the idea in the physical world.  The cocoon stage involves ‘going within’: doing or developing the project or idea, or aspect of your personality.  The final stage of transformation is the leaving of the chrysalis and birth.  This last stage involves sharing the colours and joy of your creation with the world. (Sams and Carson, 1988)

You may be able to recognise some project or aspect of your life through this cycle.  The key component to Butterfly medicine is that it highlights the never-ending cycle of self-transformation, and that all aspects of our lives are transforming continuously.

So where am I up to now?  I have a new hair-do, the Core Wisdom website and programs have been updated and the new work location is sweet!  I’ve created some new videos to share the work that I’m loving – take a look below.   Life is an evolving feast and I’m loving it…. and I’ll always appreciate that it’s a continuous journey.

Love and Wisdom


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