Birthing your next Project


If you’re a male don’t tune out right away, there maybe something in this for you!

We all give birth not just women and not just to babies.  We are often giving birth to new projects whether it be for home, work or just for fun.

The process of creation and birthing can be an interesting one to say to least, we are often challenged by our own ‘self-talk’ and the judgments or interactions of others.  All these things can hold us back from achieving our goals.

I remember as I approached the birth of our first child, I seemed to be surrounded by women that would to tell me their terrible birthing story!  Being my first pregnancy, I totally admit that I was fearful…. “Would I survive?”  Comments like …. “Women do it all over the world over, it’s the most natural thing” …. just weren’t cutting it.

I now recognise the Law of Attraction at work here, what we receive in our life is a reflection of our thinking and thus our vibration.  So, of course my own internal fears where showing up in the world around me.

The pinnacle moment came when I was about 5-6 months along and I decided I’d get a haircut.  As I was sitting there captured by the experience, the hairdresser told me about how she almost ‘bled out’ on the birthing table ….. “ahhh let me get out of here” …. “Oh no I’ve still got the other side of my hair to cut ….. Help!  This is getting ridiculous!” S

I was fortunate to be going to regular meditation and healing trainings at the time and I decided to speak with my mentor about what was happening to me and to get the help that I desperately needed.  He suggested I create a personalised positive affirmation audio for myself.  So I set about writing a list of positive messages regarding the pregnancy and the birth itself:

  •  “My body knows exactly what to do during labor”
  • “My pelvis expands easily”
  • “I am a wonderful vessel of motherhood” (ooooh I liked that one!)
  • “I breathe and release through every contraction”… etc. etc.

I met with my mentor again and he recorded my voice and then set up the mediation CD with a relaxation intro and my affirmations both audibly and inaudibly (subliminal level).  I used this CD every night before I went to sleep.

So, what was I doing for myself?  I was programming my subconscious mind with positive messages for the birth.  Basically we have two elements to our mind, our conscious and subconscious mind.  It is understood that at any given time we utilise 5% for our conscious mind processing while the remaindering 95% is utilised by our subconscious mind.

This is great news because the subconscious mind is responsible for all the heart pumping, breathing, digesting etc. that my body does, all while I can have a conversation and cook dinner!  It is also the location where a lot of limiting beliefs and negative self-programs are stored.

It’s also been said that the subconscious mind is 1 million times more powerful …. So, this is really an important part of the mind to gain access to and create significant change.   Doing subconscious mind healing work first thing in the morning or before you go to bed is great because it utilises the time when your brain is in the Alpha state and is most receptable to positive suggestions and programming.

Depositphotos_6520512_LThis was an incredibly effective tool for me.  Our son was born after 2 hours of labour, no stitches or drugs.  Don’t get me wrong, I did want to use the gas …. I just found I couldn’t yell/moan and suck on the gas at the same time.  My husband wanted to give it a go, but I wouldn’t let him out of my grip!  I used the same CD a few years later and our daughter was born in 4 hours under the same conditions, although I had my husband in a different grip this time!

Now when clients come and see me, we work with the subconscious mind by combining affirmations and cross lateral body movements to create whole brain integration.  This is an extremely powerful and effective way to create new positive programming that we can benefit from on all levels; relationships, finances, health to name a few.

Now, I ask you, “What are you wanting to give birth to?”  Perhaps you can help yourself by working with your mind in a different way.  You have the power to create the changes you want in your world.  You have the power to give birth to any project you choose to!

Love and Wisdom,



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