How our Physical Body takes us Out of the Flow

There is a flow to all life, a striving for growth and an invitation to surrender into deep peace.

Imagine you’re flowing down the river of life and suddenly you get caught in a branch that spins you around and you’re no longer in the flow. There are many branches that may capture you on this river, each one with a different characteristics, this one represents your physical body.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 1.27.05 PMSpeak to anyone who is in chronic pain or experiencing illness and you’ll soon understand how the physical body can take you out of the flow. Perhaps you’ve experienced this yourself. Your physical body may restrict you from doing everything you want to do due to illness and pain. Thus from an ‘action’ point of view, you aren’t able to achieve your goals and you’re “stuck in the mud”.

But of course it goes deeper than that. It’s what these restrictions do to your thoughts and how they play out in your emotions that can keep you floundering. When we are faced with illness and pain, our mind can spiral us into despair. It’s easy to think the worst, imagine terrible experiences or even endings. This headspace causes us to get further and further out of the flow.

If we pause for a moment and experience our physical body in a different way, new appreciations can develop. What is your body telling you? What needs to be changed in order to create health? If we drop into our body wisdom we can learn about ourselves and how our behaviours and thoughts have brought us to imbalance.

Sometimes we like to kid ourselves and pretend that we don’t know the underlying causes to these expressions of imbalance. But as we delve deeper into ourselves, we can understand how our emotions are linked to our thinking, how our thinking is dictated by our beliefs and how all this plays out in our energetic nature and, thus our physical body. Combine this with your intuitive knowing and understandings of how your environment can also impact your physical body, and you’re on the way towards healing.

This concept is nothing new, ancient philosophies have been advocating this for years. Skin issues are often linked to boundaries and feelings of vulnerability; pancreas issues are linked with a sense of over responsibility and lack of joy; while womb issues are often linked to creativity in some way. The key here is that you’re an individual, you have your own unique patterns which are expressed in your body in unique ways. While books and ancient frameworks can send you in the right direction, healing yourself requires knowing yourself.

When the work is done and with a renewed mindset, we can find gratitude for our body, thanking it for sharing its story in order to create change. With a mind full of gratitude we return into the flow.

The flow of life is always there. Allowing it to move unrestricted through your life is the challenge and the journey.

Love and Wisdom