The Big C … a bad dream

The Big C …. a bad dream

Creating a healthy environment


A young friend of mine called me the other day wanting to talk about a bad dream he had had in the early hours of the morning.  In his dream he had been told that he had 2 days to live because he had cancer.  He had become frantic, so frantic in fact, he eventually woke himself up.  As he spoke of the dream he was obviously very upset… not a surprise!

I’m sure there are some amazing dream interpretation people out there, with ideas of what his subconscious wanted to share with him.  I felt that perhaps a more direct approach may be needed.  We all receive messages from the media and society in general regarding the big C… “2 out of 3 get this type” “it’s all in your genes” etc etc.  That’s a lot of negative programming!  It seemed to me that he needed some alternative information to place his attention on and empower him.  I was hoping this would stop the re-living loop that he had got stuck in.

I explained that the genetic research over the last 10-15 years has shown that as little as 5% of all illness have a genetic link, and that it is environment that makes all the difference, i.e. the environment that your cells are re-generating in.  This is something we have control over – great news don’t you think!

This concept of the environment of genealogy became clear to me when I first watched a video of Bruce Lipton who talking with Wayne Dwyer about his life’s work.   Bruce spoke of his early years of research where he had placed cloned stem cells (i.e. exactly the same primary cell) into 3 separate petri dishes.  He then changed the environment (chemistry) in each dish.  One environment created the precursor cells to fat, the next precursor cells to muscle, the third precursor cells to bone.  I’ve included a link below to the YouTube video, it’s a simple explanation of an incredibly important topic.

Petridish Click image to watch video

The bottom line is that up to 95% of the time we are not victims of our genes as we once thought.  We are empowered to create an environment in our body that limits the potential for cancer and other illnesses to take hold.  This of course needs to be a multi-level approach because there are so many things that impact our cell environment.  For example, our stress levels (emotional state), our energetics, our external environment, the toxins we ingest and our nutrients levels.

One easy place to start is the nutrients we place in our body.  These are the foundational building blocks of all the body’s vital systems.  Basically if the body doesn’t have the resources it can’t perform the way it’s designed to, that is to be self-regulating and therefore self-healing.

As I spoke to my young friend about this, I explained that he was in the driver’s seat, and that he could be mindful of all the environment of his cells.  I explained that this is why his Mum gives him an organic liquid wholefood every morning called Body Balance.

I  recommend this nutritional product to everyone.  It has 120 vital nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace minerals etc. etc.), which are available for your body to drawn upon.  The reality is that we are all unique.  What your body needs to run optimally is different to what my body needs.  My body needs different nutrients at different times of my menstruation cycle, at different levels of stress and as a consequence of the varied external environments I’m exposed to.  I love the idea the I am supplying my body with a broad range of nutrients everyday as this allows my own “body wisdom” to take over and utilise exactly what it needs.

I’ve included a link below to a great video on Body Balance.

Remember the importance of a holistic approach.  Nutrients are one element. Emotions, energy and the external environment need to be considered also when working on cell environment.

Love and Wisdom


Body Balance Bottle  Click image to watch video