Grace in every moment – beautiful sunsets and hospitals too

cereal field against dark stormy cloudsTwo weeks ago I found myself in the emergency rooms with my son.  He had had a football incident which resulted in broken ribs and a collapsed lung. After 6 days in hospital and then a week at home, he returned to school today after just 2 weeks.  He is healing well and has even been given the all clear to start jogging again!

During our time in hospital I found myself tearful, not that “woe is us” kind (although that did happen I admit), but rather, tears of gratitude about the way the things were unfolding and how the whole experience appeared to be filled with grace…

… No traffic as we raced to the emergency, seemingly flowing through the crowded facility, pain medication administered and emergency bed arranged.  Eventually, my son was given a bed on a ward – a room to himself and a bench seat for me to sleep on. When the night nurse asked “How’s Mum?” I responded “Tired… it was a long 9 hours in emergency”.  She brought me a hot cup of tea and biscuits, a simply gesture which felt and tasted so damn good at 1am! Further gratitude ensued; the down-to-earth doctors and nurses, supportive family, friends and footy mates, hugs, FB and good coffee….  This list could go on and on, even appreciation for my handbag which was laden with essential oils and supplements (I’ll never complain about my heavy handbag again!).

So what is my point here? It’s often suggested that we stop and appreciate life’s moments of beauty; a glorious sunset, a warm cuddle with the family dog, laughter with friends. I love and appreciate all these moments. However, it’s in finding grace whilst in the midst of a challenge that we are elevated to a new level.  Sifting through the fear and terror, finding and embracing gratitude in the tough times bring us to our higher self.

With gratitude, we create an inner peace no matter the situation. As my son was wheeled into surgery the following day, we entered the large recovery suite to find it empty… except for his surgical team.  It was 8pm and everyone else had finished for the day.  My heart swelled as I realised the team had waited just for him (he had to fast for 6 hours). I was grateful for the quietness of the empty space and the light-hearted and very capable team that were there for him.  Deep peace washed over me as I watched my son’s eyes close gently as he drifted off.  We were being amazingly looked after on so many levels.

Our thoughts create our emotions, our emotions determine our vibration, our vibration produces our point of attraction and thus our experience.  Life can offer us experiences which can make us feel like victims, however we can make a choice on how to respond.  Recognising grace within any experience can help us navigate even the toughest times.

Love and Wisdom, Mandy