“If you don’t like it…… look away” continues


D      Enjoying the nature


Last month I wrote to you about a friend of mine and her journey with empowerment, and her statement to the world:  “If you don’t like it… look away”.

This statement seems to be coming up again and again, within different topics and approaches.


When you think about achieving your goals and manifesting your dream life, the Law of Attraction may come to mind.  Did you know there are 3 core laws to be aware of?

1.         The Law of Attraction – whatever you place your focus on, either consciously or subconsciously, you attract.  Remember this is focusing on what is wanted or what is not wanted (resisting) …..  whatever you focus on you get more of!

2.         The Law of Deliberate Creation – using the Law of Attraction to create what you want i.e. deliberate focus.

3.         The Law of Allowing – allowing what you want to manifest in your life by not resisting that which you don’t want …. Let me explain further.

When we resist something we are bringing energy and focus onto that which we do not want.  Since we are focused on this, the Law of Attraction goes to work and ensures we receive more of it!  It’s a bit like looking at a situation from the ‘problem’ side rather than looking at the ‘solution’ side.

So the saying “If you don’t like it … look away” works perfectly.  Use life’s experiences to determine what you like or dislike ….. look away from that which you don’t like and focus on what you ‘like’ and manifest more of that!


Upon receiving my last newsletter a dear friend wrote back and said that she felt that the statement could easily work in a different way in order to undertake some self-exploration.  She suggested “If you don’t like it ….. look within”. This new statement is great when applied to personal growth.

When we look within, we determine why we hold judgments about a person or situation, and why we perceive them to be negative.  This provides an opportunity to heal that aspect of ourselves, so that we can come to an internal place of peacefulness and acceptance for all that is.  Thereby returning to our Core Wisdom.

Love and Wisdom