What are you waiting for?


Photo of young boy reading a book while sitting on books

Do you ever get the feeling that things aren’t that great in your life and you know that something needs to change ….. and then you decide it’s just not the right time …. “I’ll do it later.” You might say.

What are you waiting for?

  • When the kids leave home
  • When you get the next promotion or that dream job
  • When your parents get better
  • When you’re out of debt

Look around your world and find someone who is facing their death or has witnessed a tragedy. Ask them how they feel about life now. They will probably say something along the lines of ….. “Make every day count, make every experience matter.” “Get the most out of your life now, not later because later may be too late.”

Don’t wait until you are faced with a life threatening experiences to make your move. You know on some level what needs to be addressed in your life right now. So, what is stopping you? Is fear dictating your behavior? Do you have lack of direction and purpose? Does your physical body need your attention?

Don’t wait for a better time to create your transformation. Now is the time. Start with something small today. Grab a piece of fruit rather than a slice of cake. Try using your breath to release stress rather than blowing up at your work mates.

If you’d like to really understand yourself deeply, create transformation and self-healing, contact me for a free introduction session. Don’t wait any longer, it’s the beginning of a new year, now is the time.

Love and Wisdom